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1822. Synonym according to EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 and EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. Reference taxon from Species Fungorum in … Sparassis is a saprobe, a parasite that leeches off particular kinds of trees. In the West it will be pines — mine’s under a Bishop pine — and in the East look at the base of hardwoods. The mushroom seems to prefer older trees that are a little beat down; my sparassis is under a pine with a trunk about two feet wide with a bunch of storm-broken limbs.

Sparassis spathulata

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My dad found it in the woods and thought I would be interested in seeing it. Sparassis är ett släkte av svampar. Sparassis ingår i familjen Sparassidaceae , ordningen Polyporales , klassen Agaricomycetes , divisionen basidiesvampar och riket svampar . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Sparassis spathulata Host: Hardwood Annual or Perennial: Annual Hymenium: Smooth Fruiting Location: Buttress roots or base-butt and Ground-root Stem: Absent Shape and Texture: Fleshy mushroom Today 11th August 2018, I came across something similar to your image of Sparassis spathulata. Highly gelatinous, elastic, smooth, greasy and shiny. Possibly an aged specimen.

Sparassis spathulata.

Typer av svampar i South Carolina Vetenskaplig Och Populär

— Sparassis brevipes Erohbh. 14 Sparassis spathulata Schwein. : Fr. VU lopatasta kokica Short-stemmed Cauliflower Spathularia flavida Pers. : Fr. VU žuta lopatica Yellow Fan Spongipellis  southern Russula.

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Sparassis spathulata

2015-05-14 · Sparassis spathulata Sparassis (also known as cauliflower mushroom ) is a genus of parasitic and saprobic mushrooms characterised by their unique shape and appearance. This appearance can be described as similar to a sea sponge , a brain , or a head of cauliflower , from which it has been given its popular name. This paper takes up an example of the latter case, where the European representative is known as Sparassis brevipes (or S. nemecii) and the American as S. spathulata (or S. herbstii). Phylogenetic placement shows that European and North American entities differ and that different names are appropriate. Domain: Eukaryota • Regnum: Fungi • Divisio: Basidiomycota • Subdivisio: Agaricomycotina • Classis: Agaricomycetes • Cladus: Agaricomycetes incertae sedis • Ordo: Polyporales • Familia: Sparassidaceae • Genus: Sparassis • Species: Sparassis spathulata (Schwein.) Fr. 1828 2021-03-03 · Sparassis spathulata Taxonomy ID: 40467 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid40467) current name Sparassis spathulata (Schwein.) Fr. species Accepted Name authority: UKSI Establishment means: Native Sparassis spathulata is the most widespread Sparassis species in eastern North America. Photo © George Morrison. Figure 3.

Accepted. Name authority: UKSI. Establishment means: Native.
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Sparassis spathulata

Well-formed: Y Recommended: N NBN ID code: BMSSYS0000011128. Merisma spathulatum Schwein. Checklists ORIGINAL ARTICLE Transatlantic disjunction in fleshy fungi. II. The Sparassis spathulata – S. brevipes complex Ronald H. Petersen1 & Jan Borovička2,3 & Ana Reboredo Segovia1 & Karen W. Hughes1 Espesye sa uhong sakop sa division nga Basidiomycota ang Sparassis spathulata. Una ning gihulagway ni Ludwig David von Schweinitz, ug nga gihatagan sa eksakto nga ngalan ni Fr. ni adtong 1828.

59.1 MB (3.0 MB compressed).
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Sparassis - Sparassis -

Sparassis spathulata at Indiana Mushrooms. PDF) Transatlantic disjunction in fleshy fungi. II. The Cooking Cauliflower Mushrooms - How to Cook a Cauliflower MyCoPortal - Sparassis spathulata.

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Sparassis - Sparassis -

Sparassis spathulata är en svampart som först beskrevs av Ludwig David von Schweinitz, och fick sitt nu gällande namn av Elias Fries 1828. Sparassis spathulata ingår i släktet Sparassis och familjen Sparassidaceae.

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hymenium attachment is not applicable. lacks a stipe. spore print is white to cream. ecology is saprotrophic.

SPARASSIS HERBSTII. STEREUM CAROLINIENSE. Nombres Populares. SETA LAMINADA. 23 Sep 2017 Sparassis spathulata (Schwein.) Fr. Image location: Gwinnett Co., Georgia, USA. Recognized by sight. Question.svg. Its close relative, the smaller Sparassis spathulata, seems to be restricted to hardwoods and is more common in eastern North America.